Random Encounters

A Gamers & Nerds Fan-Supported eZine


...to Random Encounters, a brand new eZine (electronic Magazine) that focuses on the world of gaming and nerdom.

Each month this site will be filled with articles and content that is hopefully of interest to all the various gamer nerds out there. The focus of the Site is of course the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons, 4e and also talk about the upcoming release of the new edition, currently being called DnDNext

Regular monthly features are listed to the left in the site menu, and are briefly explained as follows:

  • 4ever 4e - Will cover anything and everything in the world of 4e D&D from custom rules ideas to general thoughts on the game.
  • On the Horizon - Covering Upcoming Products and New Releases in the Tabletop Gaming Industry
  • Table Chatter - Stories from the gaming table, fan submissions welcome...what happens at the table...winds up HERE!!!
  • What's the DEAL? - Everything and anything to do with the Collectable Card Game Hobby and Enthusiasts
  • Perception Check - Monthly column for displaying Game-related artwork and talk about all things art and visual, fan submissions welcome
  • Librum Infinitus - The Infinite Library, books and reviews of all those works of fiction gamernerds love...be they Manga, Novels, Graphic Novels, etc...
  • Ctrl+Alt+Adventure - What's a Gamer website without some coverage of computer and electronic games? Here we will cover all things PC and Console in the gaming industry!
  • Smorgas-Board - Of course, before there was D&D, there was Chainmail and Monopoly, so we'll be covering tabletop boardgames and strategy simulation games like Warhammer here
  • Minions & Masterminds - If you've got a custom monster you want to show off, or a nifty NPC you've developed for your game, whatever the system, this is where they can be highlighted, and again, fan submissions are welcomed and encouraged!
  • Alternate Realities - Where we cover other RPGs in the industry outside of D&D, such as HackMaster, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, and many more
  • Your Dragon Me Down - Our very own webcomic! For those who want a little bit of a chuckle that is in line with gamer humor
  • Diplomacy Check - Letters and Comments from our readers, submissions mandatory, can't do this column without them
  • What Has Gone Before - This is our Back Issue Archives, where you can find previous installments of Random Encounters saved for your continued enjoyment